Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Life My Way

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. What do you think of the following picture?

Ooh, I know what you think! Some of the possibilities that crossed my mind:

1. This fellow damn lansi face ar. Wanna bash it in!

2. Very gaya ar!!

3. Whoa, karate-ka! Looks so fierce *shudders in fear*

4. Huh? We won?? Yay, we won!!!

That's right folks. LA Productions participated in a video contest late last year, thinking that the prizes were cash (RM 8000 for 1st place, RM 3000 for 2nd place, and RM1000 for 3rd place). We missed out the fine print that says "prizes worth RM8000 (in form of digital products)". Well, if we won some camcorders, it'll be real helpful for our future shoots, multiple cameras on location!

Go check out the glory! (pooh, the only reason you [Malicious] are asking us to check the site out is because you guys won, pooh pooh pooh!!) The link is below.


We would also like to thank all our friends who voted (and made an effort to vote) for us, and supported us in any possible manner. Now which video did we submit? The one and only with a significant storyline to it of course!

Just remember not to steal the belt belonging to the guy in the picture or you might just get your neck snapped...... like me!

Thanks to all who supported us once again!

Likely Malicous, signing off from heaven because I got killed in the video =p
Garry E


J-Teoh said...

Congrats boys! *hi-kiqz!*

Malicious said...

Terima kasih!

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