Thursday, September 17, 2009

LAProd Member Profile - Terry Saw

Name: Terry
Age: 29
Location: Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Occupation: Capoeira Instructor, Copywriter & Independent Pet Rescuer
Language spoken: English, Malay & Hokkien

Martial Arts Background:
Monkey Style Kung Fu (1996 - 1998)
Capoeira (2003 - Current)
Goju-Ryu Karate-do (2009 - Current)

Martial Arts Styles: Kung Fu, Capoeira, Karate
Screen fighting and choreography
Body hits reactions and stunt falls

LaProd Membership:
Action Choreographer / Action Performer / Flips Instructor

Shooting Experience:
1. Ayan 2008 - Background Dancer/Acrobatics
2. Ramly At War 2009 - Capoeira Fighter

1. Panasonic AC-Robot 2005 - Robot cleaner
2. OCBC Bank 2007 - Background Acrobatics
3. OCBC Bank 2008 - Guy falling off a bicycle (I had to flip over it... :))

Personal Background:
Driven by a passion for martial arts, Terry joined APEC (Alan's Physique Education Centre) in Penang and picked up Monkey Style Kung Fu. He left the island to further his studies in KL and discovered Capoeira in 2003. Now he teaches Capoeira full-time and does Goju-Ryu Karate with his LAProd friends to maintain his love for martial arts.

Terry strives to find wisdom in the philosophy of martial arts. He wants to share this knowledge through his work with his students, friends and family. With this he hopes to be able to cultivate a culture of peace, love and understanding among all living beings. He also wants to show the world that Malaysians have the quality and skills to make action movies. We're just waiting to be discovered. :)

Note of appreciation: Looking at you go at your acrobatics makes us yearn to learn more. Thank you for motivating us to improve and grow, Terry!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E


It's th3 w@y ! Am~ said...

erm....can i have ur contact information? an email address or something? XD

Malicious said...

Ooo, Terry has a fan!
I would suggest that you email LAProd's email -

Please introduce yourself first. Thank you!

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