Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Screenshots of Putrajaya's Putra Perdana Park

LA Productions recently paid Putra Perdana Park a visit. It's a nice place, really....that is if you minus the extreme heat wave and the smell of manure laid by the gardeners in the park. I mean, the smell's everywhere!
Anyway, we were all over the place, having arrived at the park at 1430 hours on Sunday. The park is actually quite well maintained, but the water features were out of commission and under renovations works... and that gave us the opportunity to jump into the water features and have some fun!

Believe it or not, we didn't really plan out much of a storyboard this time, and we just made up a lot of things on the way. I guess shooting really ate into us, and we now know what to prepare for in general. After having some prepostorous ideas here and there, we were already shooting when we were supposed to warm up. The sun already did it's job, and gosh, THE SUN SCORCHED OUR SKINS! I mean, look at how we were suffering already!
You can see the heat wave everywhere! It was so hot that all of us started to run around like madmen going berserk after lying under the sun being dormant for a couple of secs.
But you know what? having jogged and run around Putra Perdana Park, made me realise how similar this felt when I was playing Left 4 Dead. You know, that zombie game which 4 survivors had to blast their way past zombies across towns and some forest area, with those special zombies that could either puke on you and cause other zombies to be attracted to you, or pounce on you from some far off lamp post, and even grab you with it's super elongated tongue and drag you across the screen?
Yea, here comes an angry zombie!
Stay tuned for more.
Likely Malicious,
Garry of LAP

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