Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've always wondered why in the healthcare sector, there's this thing called 'medical practice'. Doctors put their knowledge to work everyday, calling it practice. So if everyday is a rehearsal, when is the real thing gonna come? I know, the whole argument is flawed, and it's just a play of words.

For us action performers, our 'practice' involved hitting each other in the face (not really) and striking the opponents' limbs till they become red! Check out Hong's arm at 0:42 of the video (or maybe because he's so fair, he turns pink when struck)!

Speaking of play of words, here's a joke (if you're offended by anything at all, do not continue reading, and we're not mainstream media, crude jokes are allowed).

In medieval England, there was this queen who could not be satisfied by her king (in bed of course), so she sought the kingdom's magician. He produced a stick, and gave the instructions "By commanding it 'Flying stick, flying stick, _________' (yes, wherever you want it to go), and behold it shall please you. To have it stop, just say 'Jingalashamistic' and back to its sheath it shall be". So the queen was happy for a long time.

One of her maidens found out after a while, and wanted to try out the excitement! So she went "Flying stick, flying stick, kiss my lips and make me happy!! ............... Oh dear! Oh my word!" (Just use your imagination). Alas, she did not know the magic word to stop the flying stick, and after saying "Stop! No more! Away! Shoo!" did not work, she started to try escaping from it. As she ran towards the castle guard outside, she told him that a flying stick was chasing her. And his response in disbelief??

"Up my @r$e!"
Thank you for bearing with me. I had a frustrating day so far.
Likely Malicious
Garry E

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