Friday, March 20, 2009

LA Productions introduces it self to CUM


How do you use this word? I can imagine a few examples.

1. "Cum la, join me at the cyber cafe now, we go play Left 4 Dead and pounce on some unsuspecting Survivors!"

2. The director of this short film cum cameraman.

3. Summa cum laude, or in English meaning with highest praise (cum meaning with).

Several of LA Productions guys were CUM-ing at Palate Palette, KL last night and managed to mingle around with some really nice people! And you'd be imagining now, what's CUM??? Check them out.

There were an abundance of short film makers, stage performers, students, and we were proud to be representing the minority of the film industry in Malaysia - fight and stunt choreographers!

Left to right: The 'Hey, wassup man? (Hong)', Emo kid (Terry), The dreamer is the real you (Choon), I haven't had any drinks and I'm high already (Daniel), "What the #^%* are you looking at?" (Garry)

So we were there, and we got to chat with interesting people. Nice to have met all of you whom we got to talk to.

To Juli of TheFactory, we're looking forward to seeing you on our Saturdays.

To Sani of EMP, hit us up when your show's ready.

To Kylie, keep on rocking and eating those oh-so-yuck-popcorn *shudder*

To Adeline, see you at the next capoeira event if we happen to be watching.

To the taekwondo instructor cum occupational therapist who's name eludes me at 3am, hit us up too!

To the guys who made the short film "Baby The Rain Will Fall", great job and hope to see more soon!

We had a great time.

Likely Malicious,

Garry E

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