Monday, April 27, 2009

Fashion Week @ 1 Utama! part 1

2 weeks before, LAP was contacted by a friend who is in the artistic performance industry, to perform as the opening act for some big brands. Thus a conversation occured between Hong and I...

Hong : Whoa, performing live, this is gonna be a challenge!
Me : FUN!
Hong : Ok, now we'll need some references for our fight scene using the katanas.
Me : FUN!
Hong : And the we'll transition into something else!
Me : FUN!

Note in fine print: Conversation was dramatized for FUN's sake!

And so the preparations began! We'd train every Saturday till the late evenings, even using up Thursday trainings at our karate class. "Our first ever live show for LAP, gotta get it right!", we thought to ourselves! And so, several choreography exercises came up, which were ever changing due to circumstances! Finally, the day for rehearsal on site came, and we showed up fully dressed.

I like this picture, it rocks! More to come. We're pretty tired from all the waiting and the anticipation to perform.

We also had to do some posing for the cameras at the end of the fashion show.

It's a shame I didn't have shades on, but Hong looked cool as hell with his on! More to come in the next post.

P/S: Many thanks to Reizo for the chance to work with you. It's a real pleasure and an exciting experience!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E


J-Teoh said...

What's in the next post? Vids of zooming abs? (HUAHAHAHAHA)

Malicious said...

No man...that would be gay of me, and it'll be stealing the limelight from us too!

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