Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fashion Week @ 1 Utama! part 2

And so, the posting continues on the experience we had during Fashion week. I only find it appropriate to write this post today, because Fashion week at 1 Utama ended today.

And so, Sunday night was the rehearsal for the fashion show on Monday night. We got there on time, but being Malaysians, we expected the rehearsals to begin late, and to end late as well, nothing uncommon about that. We did our 1st rehearsal of the piece which we choreographed, only to be told that it's too long for the show. We were asked to choreograph a 3 minutes piece, and eventually we cut it down to 1/2 minute!

And so, we went through the 1st rehearsal of our 1/2 minute piece with our jackets on, turned quite a number of heads with the noises we made, and proceeded wait for the models turn on their rehearsal, which would mean quite a long wait (kinda like how long it took for you to read till you got here).

And so, we started posing for pictures! One of the few examples....

And so, almost an hour passed after the 1st rehearsal when we started our 2nd rehearsal run. It ended pretty late, we got home for sleep and were zombified the next day at work. Along came Monday evening which we had anticipated for quite a while. The show was to start at 7.30 pm and we were backstage preparing ourselves. Hong got himself a pair of nice shades to wear! It's a shame we didn't manage to take any nice photographs of him with the shades on. Refer to the previous post for the only picture with Hong in shades if you're a fan, by clicking here.

And so, while preparing, we ran through the choreography once more. To my horror, the shoe I wore flew while I kicked!! Our solution? Masking tape....
And so, our heart were thumping heavily 5 seconds away from show time. Even though we're used to public performances, we just couldn't control our heart rate. It was LAP's first live show after all. Here's the edited video of the rehearsals and the actual performance.

Many thanks to all who came to the show to support us! Thanks to William for shooting, thanks to Michelle, the TKD gang, Juli and Jouyin for cheering! My favourite part of performing was hearing the cheers you guys gave when we came out =) many thanks to those who wanted to come but couldn't make it (e.g Yuen).

Likely Malicious,
Garry E

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J-Teoh said...

Ah ... We should've brought pom poms no? :P

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