Saturday, May 23, 2009

All in 1 year...

Seriously, I never thought we'd get this far. I can hazily remember how it all started 370 days ago (19th May 2008). Sunday training was a regular thing for us guys, and we'd do crazy stuffs post training. And one fateful day, Hong decided to bring his trusty Camcorder. This, my friends, is the life of the party that got us where we are right now:

JF#1 was the 1st official product and at its conclusion, Low Angle Productions was born! I swear to you, everytime I decide to watch JF#1 again, I laugh to see how bad we were back then. None of us could act, our reactions were off, and there were so many things we couldn't do!

The founding members of LAProd. From left to right: Garry, Choon, TJ, William, Adrian, Hong.

And then we met Michelle, which I swear was an honest case of mistaken identity. An ex-colleague of mine once introduced another girl whose name is Michelle, and when Moses said "Michelle is a TKD representative for Malaysia", I was delighted! So I arranged to meet 'Michelle' again, only to find out that we've never actually met! Hilarious! Nevertheless, she joined us in our training, and OMG we're having so much fun!

Now that's what I call high kick girl! Michelle doing her 'thang!

Then through Choon, we met the bomb TnT. Teresa and Terry(sa) are a couple, and Teresa runs the Living Arts Studio which was once based in Sunway. The studio has moved to a better location now. LAP would like to thank Teresa for her support of the group by lending us the space to train.

Simply sexy! Terry and Teresa!

We went Test Fight after Test Fight to improve our screen fighting skills and choreography. We even made a video in Halong Bay, Vietnam! The setting didn't turn out quite what we expected it to be, but the end result was satisfactory nevertheless!

LAProd in Halong Bay.

We also got into an international collaboration when Max and Constantine from Germany paid us a visit! Wanna see some interracial action going on? (Well Max is actually Chinese, but he's brought up in Berlin, so I guess there's no interracial action after all :P) Check out the hardcore one-on-one action here. We're still waiting for the full video... Max?

From left: Terry, Choon, Constantine, Max, William, Adrian, Hong, and Garry.

Just when we thought we got stagnant making Test Fights, we submitted the 2nd Test Fight and won in a short film competition! Unfortunately, the prize is taking very long to reach us winners.

First place: Lau Chee Hong. Now if only your initials are LAP.

How about some live shows huh? You like live shows? We got a live show done right here.

Posing while waiting for our turn in the rehearsal.

It's quite hard to imagine how much we've done over the year. Looking back, no one will disagree when I say they were great times! You know what's even more exciting? There are many more great years ahead of us and we will be leaving our mark! Here's to a great team, and a great year ahead!

LAProd after the 2nd shoot involving everyone in the team!

Happy birthday, Low Angle Productions! You are 1 year old.

Likely Malicious,
Garry E

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