Friday, May 21, 2010

RAW (Ramly at War) is at WAR!!!

Come on soldiers, MOVE MOVE MOVE! Get off your chairs and get out of your bunker! Time to go to WAR!! Pick up your rifles, get your bayonets and grenades! You wanna live forever?? Nobody lives forever!!

And that is why you have to vote for Ramly at War, which has been submitted at War of Films. Come back everyday and click on the '+' sign above the video to vote for RAW. This time, even voters get money! USD25 a day for the most active voter, really!! If you are evil, you can go to the other vids and click on '-' at their video page, heh heh heh!

If you've forgotten what Ramly at War was all about, here's the blog entry from last year.

Go ahead soldier, time to get yourself a piece of the action! Booyah!!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E

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