Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is Ramly at War?

After all these practise videos, action teaser, and the on-location shoot preview, you must be pretty curious over why the title is Ramly at War.

I might have purposely mislead you to think that I would even dare reveal the story line or the theme of the film by questioning, "What is Ramly at War?".

No doubt, you've seen the poster.
No doubt, you've seen the action teaser.
No doubt, you've seen some of us with our costume and make up from FB.
No doubt, there were quite a number of gay jokes relating to the pictures taken.

And still, I have not answered your question. I'll tell you what Ramly at War meant to us at LAProd...

New friends:
We got to Ampang Galaxy mall, not knowing what kind of people to expect. The director mentioned that the bikers might look fierce and intimidating, but they were the most shy and nice people around! Needless to say, we needed to see it for ourselves. Here are some of the interesting people we met.

Let's start with the director, Juliane Block. Being a German, quality of work seems to be her top priority. She is seldom out of chocolate but when she is, my best guess is that she'll rip apart anything & everything that stands in her way. Have you seen how tall she is?? Anyway, we've known Juli for a few months already. Lovely gal!

Juliane Block: "I'm now happy from chocolate".

And on to the producer. There's Danny 'dC' Chua, who might look scary, but is actually harmless like a teddy bear. Of course, you shouldn't mess with bears either way, you might regret doing so.
Danny: "All hope is lost for humanity".

Then there's the Director of Photography, Deckster Kaitaua. When I first met him, he reminded me a lot of a manager I used to work with, and I liked the guy a lot. His nipples almost poked someone's eye out when he went topless while handling the camera because it was getting cold on the set.
Deckster: "I enjoyed the durian scene in SS2".

There's basically too many people to cover, so I'll put up captions for each coming picture.

Left to right: (Fe)male escort(Terry of LAProd), Jamilah who's gonna knock you out cold, 2nd male escort.

King Wu (production) and Charlene (up and rising star).

Monggographer (pro photographer). He almost caused me to piss my pants with his jokes!

Hong (LAProd), action director with the hot biker chic, Rainie.

Puga, King and Joe. These are only guys you need to setup the site.

Marcus, who has graciously become my chic replacement, haha!

The main stars of the show! Left to Right: Michael looking gleeful, Bong looks pissed with him.

Adrian (LAProd) with the resident papparazi, Rainie.

Choon (LAProd), the knight in shining T-shirt.

Ramly at War also meant other things to us.

Diversity in Fight Styles:
Well, I am unable to elaborate on that, because you have to watch the fights to see the different styles of fighting we choreographed. This is a big step for us, because all these whiles, our fights have been in a way generic fighting. Exploring the speed possibility and the technical movesets have opened our minds to other ideas. It will be very interesting to see where our training brings us, along with the opportunities that might present themselves. We're getting better (I wanna say we're good, but shy la).

An investment for the future:
Why do I say that? Because Ramly at War is what the production unit calls a no budget short film. No one got paid to act or fight in it, in fact there were generous people who sponsored stuff to eat and drink. The bikers trustingly left their choppers at the shooting location for our perusal. So what kind of investment are we talking about? That's right.... it's become our new showreel :0)

Now that it's more or less said and done, shooting wrapped up on the 12th July 2009, and it has become our most memorable shoot ever, because it is our 1st major work with people from the industry, and we're glad we met them 1st. LAProd wishes to thank everyone involved in the production of Ramly at War for making the fight sequences successful. See you at the premiere screening!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E


dC said...

Wat a nice tribute to wat now seems more like a family rather than a production..
Ramly at war - Waja warriors vs CoD but behind d scenes is just a peaceful loving bunch :)

Pls allow me to fill in:
Bong n michael (as Quan n Ming) r d leads..
CoD - Mila is d treacher n monggol d moneytor, d force behind a leftist n often unwilling unpredictable leader - headmonster
Waja is run by "capitalists" supreme leaders - priestess n commander

The true heroes r d rest of d cast n crew..
Of coz, amazing stunts from LAProd I. U guys kick ass!!

Will be a nice reunion when we premier.. Stay tuned !

Juliane said...

Hey, what a nice production review! :) Thanks so much.

I can't wait to see the final results, can't wait for Hong's action cut and I hope more collaborations will follow.

I HAD FUN!!! :)

Malicious said...

dC: Yea, it does feel like family.

Juli: You're the one who brought the team together.

Michael said...

Nice one Garry. Training with LA Prod in prep for RAW was a real challenge physically. And I am thoroughly respectful of the dedication and amount of professionalism you guys put into everything you do.

I would work with you guys again and again in a heartbeat. :) In fact, any project I have in mind for future - when there's any action - you'll be the first I'll call.

Hopefully I can train with you guys more often now eh? Can learn to do stuff without being tied up next time? :D

Till the screening!

Malicious said...

This time Mike, we'll tie your legs, heh heh!

Atun said...

There's Danny 'dC' Chua, who might look scary, but is actually harmless like a teddy bear.....

greasyhand said...

" His nipples almost poked someone's eye out when he went topless while handling the camera because it was getting cold on the set." ha ha ha me lah ! hope we can team up for other production, k...take care you all !
" the notorious d.o.p called DEX "

ps : link to my

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