Monday, July 6, 2009

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In preparation for the coming shoot for Ramly at War prequel, we have submitted ourselves to numerous tortures and injuries. Multiple test fights were shot and reviewed to improve on the action sequences.

Injuries, though nothing serious nor permanent, include:
1. Bleeding nose
2. Sprained shoulders
3. Bruised hips
4. Bruised arms and shins
5. Sprained fingers
6. Strained necks
7. Sore muscles

Causes in the same order of the injuries:
1. A fantastic take down ending with the nose crashing into someone else's hip bone.
2. A throw & crash landing that ended with a loud thud & an awkward landing whilst fatigued.
3. Kicks to the hip in revenge for the bloody nose.
4. Punches & kicks exchanges.
5. Blocking kicks with an initially sprained thumb.
6. Falling, & shooting while lying down with the head tilted up.
7. No warm-ups before fighting.

Sounds like so much fun yea? I just can't wait for this weekend to come!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E

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