Thursday, December 18, 2008

Max and Constantine Invades LAProd!

Welcome, Max and Constantine (noooooooo......don't exorcise us little demons!) to Malaysia! LAProd had it's pleasure of having these 2 brothers come down all the way from Germany pay us a visit. And how did we chill out with our guests? Oh sure, we did loads of fun stuff!

1.) Walk around in the basketball court idle, chuckling like beavers.

I don't know who decided to take this picture, which seems to have no production value at all.

2.) Hug each other in a massive sweaty orgy and then looking happy about it.

Left to right: Terry, Choon, Max, !!CONSTANTINE!!, William, Adrian, Hong, Garry

3.) Contrast each other's clothing by either wearing just a singlet or a thick black leather jacket.

Hong: Hey! Later you gotta do this, turn around and do a jump spin kick.

Max: (ignores)(ignores)(ignores)(ignores)(ignores)(ignores)(ignores)

4.) Line up in a single file and all say "Bertukar!" and transform into masked super heroes while posing.

I love this pic! By the way, 'Bertukar' means change or transform in Malay language.

I know, we are such terrible hosts. Fight on!


Linx said...

LOLZ!!! the bertukar thingy reminds me of those japanese superhero series.. Bajah Hitam ^^

Malicious said...

Yea, I remember watching Baja Hitam last time. Used to imitate their actions, it was fun.

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