Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LAProd Tricksters 2008

It's all Hong's fault... He brought his kickass music CD to the studio and played it out loud. The subsequent chain of events?

1. William started to swing his legs like there's no tomorrow.
2. Terry began his capoeira trance and threw his agile body all over the place.
3. Choon playing with his splits and handstands.
4. Hong successfully getting the doubleleg.
5. Adrian tumbling around until he got his walkovers and fronts handsprings.
6. Teresa doing her leg claps with Terry.
7. Garry feeling the hype and wanting to play but falling sick instead.
8. Michelle just sitting there watching most of the time.
9. TJ nowhere to seen....

Look what you've done, Hong!!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

u hv an eye for details, hong. great edit & music. keep honing that potential.

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