Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Low Angle Productions!

A year ago, I wrote a post stating how I could not believe that we've gotten to where we were. It all started with training on Sundays at Bukit Bintang Boys School, and we'd fool around after class. And then Hong decided to bring his camcorder and shoot 2 Half Naked Mans. I swear the title still tickles me! That was year 1 of Low Angle Productions, and the 1st ever video contest we joined was My Life My Way, in which we submitted My Belt and won Grand Prize... You could view Low Angle Productions' Year 1 history in the following posts.

Year 2 was full of its own brand of merry and gay (literally and figuratively) times. We shot an estimate of 15 videos from Year 1 till Year 2, and the we participated in our 2nd video contest which was for a snack, Corntoz. We won Grand Prize yet again... and then Ramly at War came along and we met a host of interesting and great friends, and that actually marked the start of our exposure in the independant film makers' circuit. You could view Year 2 history in the following posts.

We move on to our current year. Year 3... we have reduced the number of short clips, but we have made each short film with emphasis in quality. Unsecured Loan II premiered in April, and its final cut was finished late June. All of a sudden, we find ourselves being contacted by film makers who expressed interest in working with us. We joined our 3rd video contest, this time from Maggi My Way. Results have yet to be announced, but we look forward to good news. Next thing we knew, we were advertising for Mr Potato, and one of us got starstruck as well =)
Adrian, the maggi wok man.

Hong relaying his vision to Adrian.

Terry getting starstruck!

You may say that we've gotten far, from zero to....well, something significant. I mean, how many of your friends can claim to have had acted, to have participated in screen fighting, and to have performed in live shows? My friend, if you're reading this, then you can definitely say that you know some guys who do so!

Great friends! Top Left to Right: Terry, Edwin, Adrian, Choon, TJ, Hong, ZD and Michelle.
Bottom Left to Right: Teresa and Garry

Happy birthday, Low Angle Productions. You are 2 years old as of now, more great things are to come, more great friends to be made.

Likely Malicious,
Garry E


Anonymous said...

I'll never ever do a front flip fall with Garry behind me. Getting star-struck ain't fun.


greasyhand said...

congratulation for UL2 Fight Scene at 2010 AOFF

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