Monday, February 22, 2010

The Prod Series Ep 1 - Unsecured Loan 2

Today ‘The Prod’ interviews one of our local rising action stars. Introducing Garry E of LA Prod. Interviewing him is none other than his LA Prod counterpart, Terry Saw.

T: So tell me, how does it feel like to be a rising action star?
G: Malicious.

T: Wow, that’s quite an answer. Can you elaborate on that please?
G: Actually, it feels great when random people from the arts industry come up to me and say, “Hey, aren’t you that guy who was emotional in that loan shark short film?” I’m just saying Malicious because that’s my personal nickname and I just like to say it.

T: … Okay, now moving on, tell us a little about how you got involved in making short action films. I’m sure there are lots of youngsters out there who look up to one such as yourself for inspiration.
G: Malicious… I started out with a group of Karateka’s about two years ago and we did a short film called ‘Just Fight’. That one took us a month to film! After that, we did a series of short ‘test fights’ which also featured two new members at the time. Our big break came when we attended an independent film screening at Palate Palette in KL. There, we met Juliane Block and next thing we knew, we were shooting our first actual short action film.

T: So that was how you got involved in Ramly at War?
G: Yes… I mean, malicious!

T: That’s nice. Now, you play the lead role in Julianne Block’s latest short film due to be released soon, titled Unsecured Loan 2. Can you talk a bit about your character?
G: Basically my character is malicious, like me.

G: Okay, seriously now. My character, William is in trouble with the loan sharks for not being able to repay his debts. As he begs for an extension, Mr. Singh the boss cuts him a deal. Kill a man, and all his debts will be settled. The plot thickens when the hunter becomes the hunted.

T: Sounds interesting. What would you say is the toughest part of filming?
G: The part where I had to be very… emotional…

(at this moment Garry become rather emotional, so the interview had to be stopped)

T: Alright, so that was Garry E from LA Prod, Malaysia’s upcoming action talent. He is available for casting in all sorts of roles, from being bad to being emotional. To wrap it up here’s a trailer of the upcoming USLR2 to be released soon. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you all next time on ‘The Prod’ LA Prod’s very own tabloid arm.

This is Terry signing off!

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