Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ramly at War Begins....on Youtube

Happy new week everyone! It's been one week since the start of the new year, and LAProd hopes you've been good, staying out of trouble, and sorting out your business like the nice people you are (where did that come from?).

You've probably watched Ramly at War Begins via the link to the Short Film Competition organized by the German beer company, which was posted on this blog a couple month back. Found it slow? Oh no... Fret not, because the 2 lead actors in Ramly at War will solve your problem with the following dialogue.

Michael Chen: Listen to me, I've a better idea!
Bong: I'm not going to listen to your stupid ideas.
Michael Chen: But Ramly at War Begins has already been uploaded to Youtube!
Bong: ........
Michael Chen: It's much faster to load and view!
Bong: ........
Michael Chen: And I want to watch it while eating the Ramly burger special, with the cheese, the egg and the meat.
Bong: ........

Didn't follow? Watch Ramly at War Begins now!

Thank you for viewing! Now stay tuned for the next one! We promise you'll like the action even more!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E

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