Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crime Investigation Channel - The Al Maunah Weapons Heist (behind the scenes stills)

After a 2 month hiatus, we have returned with some interesting content. Naturally, it'll be no fun if I posted them all on the same day, then you wouldn't return the next day to check for new content, and that wouldn't be very fun, would it? =)

In September, LAProd was involved in a documentary shoot which highlighted the incident of a weapons heist, with which a group of civilians dressed as army men managed to obtain weapons from an armory, enough to start off a mini war!

LAProd was employed to act as some of the terrorists for the 2 day shoot, holding replica M4A1's with grenade launchers, dressing up with army fatigues and hoods. Check us out, the profiles of different types of terrorists in LAProd (after all, variety works):

Left: Fierce Terrorist! Right: Slightly cheerful terrorist.

Kung fu Terrorist! (Garry)

Religious Terrorist. (Hong)

Nipple protuding terrorist! (Terry)

Hip Terrorist. (Danial)

Vampiric Terrorist! (Choon)

Intimidating Terrorist! (Adrian)

The shoot lasted 2 straight days, and we were exhausted when we were done with it all. The outcome of the exhaustion was the scariest that could happen to us... we had:

2 sleeping terrorists and 1 depressed in the centre.

A dead terrorist, who lays like sleeping beauty hoping that Prince Charming would one day awaken him with true love's kiss.

A terrorist gone insane, thinking he can hear voices from the helmets.

Terrorists celebrating their madness and exhaustion.

Anyway, here's a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Terrorist Attack!

Likely Malicious,
Garry E


Bong Cheng Tzuu said...

awesome pics.. hahaha... haiz... looks very interesting and fun to shoot.. is this the one u guys are practicing Silat for?

Low Angle Productions said...

Thanks Bong. That's right, this is the one where we choreo the silat sequence but unfortunately they are not putting that in maybe due to sensitive reason.

greasyhand said...

awesome ! especially haji hong !

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